How We Work?

We deploy the right solutions for your business by offering the best in class eCommerce, web design, development, web application and integration services. Whether you are a small business trying to build an online presence or an established site looking for significant improvements - we're the PARTNER for your SUCCESS.

We use the latest technology and trends to provide your company with unique yet practical website solutions that highlight your brand's personality. Our team of highly skilled web design and development professionals will empower you with the tools and applications you need to achieve your desired results.

Our Process

We assist our clients to outline the scope of work. When we have an approved scope of work, we come back with the timeline and costing for the project. We work closely with a client to find out a best solution within the client's budget. Ultimately we will have an approved work item with an approved timeline and approved budget for the project. At this stage we will engage the web developers to work on the project. The project is then partitioned into possible milestones as per the timelines. We will then share the project management document with the clientele. We also share the "Work in progress" URL with a client. Designers and developers share weekly status with the project stakeholders. We motivate our clients to take part in the project so they can ensure what they are paying for. Once the project is completed with functionality, we proceed to integration stage. We encourage our client's to handle content on their projects. We provide training manuals on our deliverables to all our clientele. We do complete start to end testing of the project. We do complete Quality assurance of the project and then request for client's approval. Once the work is approved by the client, we will shift the work on the production servers. We will provide free annual maintenance and support to our client's.

  • We take your business very seriously.
  • We will give an honest evaluation on your project.
  • We engage our clients at all development stages of the project.
  • We believe in long term relationship.
  • No job is too small for us we take all tasks and always believe in giving our 100%.
  • We always respect timelines and deliver project on time.
  • We always endeavor for professional results.
  • We always try to work within your affordable budget.
  • We believe in solid communication with our clientele and engage professionally with them.
  • We only work on approved work items, means you will approve the work we will do therefore you will be in complete control of your project.